Since StockX came onto the scene they have typically been the best deal as a trusted source of authenticated sneakers. On April 22, 2020 StockX started charging a 3% processing fee for buyers. The processing fee, on top the taxes they started charging last year, no longer makes them an obvious choice for finding authentic sneakers at the best prices. This is especially true since local consignment stores don't charge taxes when shipping to other states.

How does the new processing fee work?

The processing fee will be added to the sale price of the item you are purchasing and won't include the shipping cost. There is also a minimum processing fee of $4.95 USD and a maximum fee of $29.95 USD. If you've placed a bid before April 22nd, it won't be subject to the fee.

Where to find the best deals on authentic sneakers

Plugd finds the best deals for you, by showing you prices from StockX, GOAT, Stadium Goods, Flight Club, Farfetch, and other local consignment shops. We include shipping and fees upfront, so you know what you'll need to pay. This includes StockX's processing fee. Here's what you'd see by using the Plugd app.

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