We are excited to announce that Plugd is now available on iOS!

We originally released Plugd as a Chrome Extension in August which notified users when a lower priced pair of sneakers were available as they browsed through StockX or GOAT.

Bubbles in red shown to a user by the Plugd extension when a lower price was detected.

We then spun up getplugd.com a few weeks later as a mobile-responsive web application and reached out to sneakerhead communities from both Facebook and Reddit for feedback. The more versatile implementation was well received by the community and many asked if we had plans to make a mobile app.

The need for dedicated mobile apps was further supported by the demographics of our visitors — 70% of the traffic hitting getplugd.com came from a mobile device.

We moved both Android and iOS apps way up in our product roadmap and began working on getting it released. Last month we released the Plugd Android app and earlier this week we completed the milestone by getting the Plugd iOS app into the Apple app store.

The iOS version of Plugd comes packed with the same features as the Android version with real-time price comparisons on new, conditionally new, and used sneakers.

For those that have been waiting for the iOS app give it a spin and let us know what you think by commenting below or emailing us at [email protected]