Robert and I launched Plugd as a sneaker price comparison platform around this time last year. Plugd offered and continues to provide users with a simple solution when looking for rare and hard-to-find sneakers. Just search for the shoe, and we'll list the available options without you having to worry about getting scammed or receiving fakes (counterfeits) in the mail.

In the beginning, we had a few vendors who were all pretty well known in the sneaker community:

We carefully and selectively added more vendors over time that we were sure did not sell fakes. Part of the process included meeting physically or virtually with the vendors and observing their verification process and day-to-day operations.

As we added more vendors, we also noticed more and more people asking for information about the newly added vendors and whether they could be trusted. To help users get better clarity and confidence from who they are buying from, we're launching the first iteration of the Plugd vendor page.

For buyers, the vendor page provides:

  • an authenticity guarantee from the vendor
  • the ability to interact with a vendor through their social media profiles
  • the option to view all items offered by a vendor
  • the option to view collections curated by a vendor

For vendors and sellers, the vendor page provides:

  • a way to generate more sales through an optimized online storefront
  • the opportunity to direct traffic comming from Plugd's global sales channel to the other products they may have listed
  • the opportunity to convert a new customer into a repeat loyal customer

You can access a particular store's vendor page in two ways:

  1. Opening up the side menu and clicking on "Stores"
  2. Clicking "Learn more about..." when viewing a listing

If you want to see any other sneaker boutiques, consignment stores, or marketplaces added, contact us at [email protected].

If you haven't already, make sure to download the Plugd app and subscribe below to stay updated on the latest features and product updates.