Before we started working on Plugd, we were algorithmically trading sneakers. We spent a lot of time analyzing charts, identifying price anomalies, and executing on arbitrage opportunities.

We realize most buyers aren't interested in dissecting complex stock-like candlestick price charts when making a purchasing decision on a $500 pair of Yeezys; however, simple, digestible bits of data can help ease the decision process. We started by adding more vendors and providing shipping & tax information from these vendors. And now we're including a simple trend chart indicating historical price data and the market movement for a particular sneaker.

The price trend, if available, will be shown under the "Product Details" section. The "Product Details" section is on the bottom of the screen for mobile users and the right side of the screen for desktop users.

In general, if you see what you think is a reasonable price on a shoe, buy it. The price trend chart helps identify which sneakers are trending up in price and trending down in price and whether the current price is a significant deviation from the short-term mean.

If you'd like to see any other features or want to see any other sneaker boutiques, consignment stores, or marketplaces added, contact us at [email protected].

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