Restock and live drop alerts allow users to get notified when retail stores drop new sneakers or get a sneaker back in stock. Using Plugd's site monitor and custom notification settings, you can get notified for whatever you're looking for as soon as it is in stock. Never miss out on a sneaker drop again.

Feature Breakdown

Drop Alerts List

In the "Drops" tab, you'll see the "Drops Alerts" section. This feature is only available to Plugd Gold subscribers. The Drop Alerts tab shows you the list of drops that have occurred recently. From here, you can also set up your custom notifications via the Settings button.

Custom Notification Settings

The number of drop alerts from all the stores and products can quickly become overwhelming. To filter out all the noise, we've added custom notification settings. For now, you can add a size filter that will only alert you when a product is dropped or restocked in your size. Custom filters by keywords are coming soon. Stay tuned!